Processed Foods Can Lower a Child’s IQ, Study Finds

Super sweet breakfast cereals, pre-packaged lunches and fast-food dinner runs may be convenient for parents feeding their kids on the go, but a diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods can actually lower a child's IQ, according to a new study published this week in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The authors report that a diet composed primarily of … [Read more...]

Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally

This recipe is full of amazing spices, not only in taste, but for your health as well. This easy to prepare recipe will help to speed your metabolism and positively affect your overall health, all from the superstar spices – cinnamon and clove. Cinnamon is considered anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial and is also considered to help regulate blood sugar levels. Because it … [Read more...]

France passes law forcing supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

The French parliament has taken a step to cut food waste in half by 2025.  With a unanimous vote, the national assembly voted to bar supermarkets from deliberately spoiling unsold food.  Grocery stores 400 square meters or more must sign contracts by July next year, ensuring the food is donated to charities or for animal feed.  The penalties to violators will strike at €75,000 … [Read more...]

Top 11 Natural Remedies for Swollen Ankles, Legs, and Feet

Having swollen legs can be linked to many severe conditions, heart problems, and kidney problems. Here is how you can naturally reduce the swelling, and make yourself feel better! There are other symptoms that usually come with the swollen limbs shortness of breath, fever, skin discoloration, and chest pain usually follow. Don’t think twice about going to the emergency room … [Read more...]

Study finds, Most Women With Breast Cancer Had Parabens in Their Tissues

As the temperature rises in the body, thousands of sweat glands begin to bead up, preparing to cool the body down. The average person possesses about 2.6 millions sweat glands — a built in thermostat. This system is made up of eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are the most numerous, harbored in places like the forehead, hands, and feet. These glands are … [Read more...]

How to Use Garlic to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Garlic is a miracle food when it comes to weight loss. Garlic is an appetite suppressant. The strong odor of garlic stimulates the satiety center in the brain, thereby reducing feelings of hunger. Specifically, garlic reduces appetite by increasing the brain’s sensitivity to leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells to regulate appetite. Garlic causes the release of … [Read more...]

She Placed Hollowed-Out Orange Peels In A Muffin Tin

Making treats for your kids that are healthy and fun is not always easy I search high and low to find enough variety to keep my family happy!  My daughter has been begging me to make jello for her but I was hesitant because I was not willing to use 'conventional Jello' well thanks to and WhatsUpMoms I don't have to, check out this awesome video on how to make … [Read more...]

How Eating a High Fat Diet Can Starve Cancer

What does it take to disabuse the majority of food consumers that a no or low fat diet is actually unhealthy. There have been conventional cardiologists who’ve recently asserted that we need healthy fats to maintain good cardiovascular health. They have debunked the myth of cholesterol as the cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks and warned about statin drugs’ dangers. … [Read more...]

Powerful Juice Recipe for Diabetes

Powerful Juice Recipe for Diabetes Ingredients 3 oz Bitter Melon 2 oz Celery 3 oz Lettuce Instructions Add everything into the juicer Mix well and drink to your health! Bitter melon is a vegetable widely used in Chinese cooking and medicine. I first tasted bitter melon stir-fried over white rice in a small Chinese restaurant in New York. It tasted very … [Read more...]

Dark chocolate increases attention and alertness while improving blood flow

There is some good news for the chocolate lovers out there: a new study carried out by researchers from Northern Arizona University reveals that the intake of dark chocolate with at least 60 percent cacao could be the key to improving attention and alertness and get you through the afternoon slump. "Chocolate is indeed a stimulant and it activates the brain in a really … [Read more...]