Cancer-stuffed pizza? Pizza Hut introducing hotdog-stuffed pizzas to US market

Are you ready, America? Because this is really big news... By the time you read this article, it may already be happening -- because on June 18, Pizza Hut announced that Americans will finally have the privilege to order what morbidly obese junk food junkies in various parts of the world have already been lucky enough to have access to: That's right, I'm talking about Hot … [Read more...]

Estimated 3000% increase in cancers for all ages in the past 100 years. Here’s why

The medical establishment will tell you that the rise in cancer rates is simply because we are living longer, and that the disease is related to old age. Funny how they will make up lies when they can’t readily explain why there has been a 3000% increase in cancers (as estimated by some) for all ages in the past 100 years, or why cancer rates are expected to soar over 70% in … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Downsizes for the First Time in Over 40 Years

(ANTIMEDIA) For the first time in over four decades, McDonald’s is shrinking. The fast food giant is currently closing more restaurants in the United States than it is opening, signifying a period of contraction for the global corporation. McDonald’s announced in April that it would be closing 700 “underperforming” locations, but because of the company’s sheer size—it has … [Read more...]

Turmeric Smoothie – So Tasty You Won’t Believe It Has One of the Most Powerful Antioxidants In The World

If you wanted to create the perfect smoothie with anti-cancerous properties, potent anti-inflammatories, as well as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal constituents, look no further than adding turmeric. Although turmeric has a lightly bitter taste, you won't even notice it in this delicious recipe that will have you craving it daily. Let's take a look at the … [Read more...]

Studies show diet soda is linked to belly fat, type 2 diabetes and obesity

While most people who drink diet soda probably know it isn't the healthiest choice, they still may be under the mistaken impression that it will keep their weight down. Scientific studies emphasize this is not true. This was made clear in a recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in which 749 people were followed for nine years based on soda … [Read more...]

5 Non-Toxic Natural oils That Act As A Sunscreen Layer

If you’re looking to wear plan oil as your sunscreen of choice, I have some options below, in order of their sun protection value (raspberry, despite having lower SPF than carrot seed comes first because it takes care of UVA & UVB rays). Please have a look at the cautions at the bottom of this page before rushing out the store to buy oils. These oils are not meant to … [Read more...]

Stop Taking Statin Drugs – High Cholesterol Leads to Longer Life

High cholesterol levels are believed to lead to heart conditions and early death. Statin drugs to lower LDL cholesterol are prescribed to more than 13 million Americans, and almost all men over the age of 60. Research published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism in April 2015 now shows that, as you age, having high cholesterol is beneficial. The research, which was … [Read more...]

How To Identify Genetically Modified Food In The Shops And Markets

While there is no widespread answer there are a few simple ways that will help you to notice the difference between the GMO and non-GMO. Non-GMO is the way to go. GMO food is going to be more pleasant as far as cosmetics go. It will be the rounder, juicier looking, shinier, more appealing fruit and veggies you’re going to see in the supermarket. As people none of us are … [Read more...]

Study: 70% of People on Antidepressants Don’t Have Depression

A study has been done recently showing that almost seventy percent of all the people on depression medication don’t even meet the criteria for clinical depression. Why is it then that all of these people are being treated for depression? These people are likely just going through the normal sadness of life that everyone experiences, yet they have been diagnosed as depressed … [Read more...]