Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – Here Is How To Prepare It !?

Starting the day with a cleansing, refreshing drink of lemon water does wonders for the system. Besides ensuring optimum hydration, lemon water has multiple benefits for the body and mind. Add in ginger, cucumber and mint and you have an incredible detoxifying solution to keep you at your best all day. Lemon is well known for its pH balancing properties. Although it has … [Read more...]

McDonalds oatmeal has 21 Ingredients. Here is what you MUST Know

McDonalds is the worlds largest fast food chain of restaurants. The company’s net worth in 2014, was $4.76 billion! McDonalds was started in San Bernardino, California as a bar-b-que restaurant in 1940, by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948, McDonalds was reorganized as a burger restaurant with an assembly line type production. The marketing decision to start offering … [Read more...]

Purina’s Beneful brand has poisoned and killed thousands of dogs

We love our pets. Our dogs are members of the family. To many of us, they are one of the kids – the furry one. But are we as careful with what we feed our pets as what we feed our children? Frequently, ads for pet food claim that they have “real” food, but the ingredients end up being things like wheat gluten meal, animal by-products, and corn by-products. Nestle’s Purina … [Read more...]

Your Mouthwash is Strongly Linked to Cancer. Here is What You Can Use Instead

The first reference to mouth rinsing was in about, 2700 BC. Chinese and Ayurveda medicine prescribed mouth rinsing as a treatment for gingivitis. More examples of early mouth rinsing include: -During Greek and Roman periods, the upper class commonly used a mouth rinse after mechanically cleansing their teeth. -Hippocrates recommended combining vinegar, salt and alum … [Read more...]

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Alert! The Effects of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on the Body

In 1928, a man named H.B. Reese, created the peanut butter cup. Mr. Reese was a dairy farmer and a shipping forman for Milton S. Hershey, and found him inspiring. Mr. Reese left dairy farming and created the Harry Burnett Reese Candy Co. in his basement within his home located in Hershey Pennsylvania. In 1956, Mr. Reese died, leaving his candy company to his six sons. In … [Read more...]

Use Turmeric Before Ever Swallowing Another Ibuprofen Again

I used to pop ibuprofen like it was my job. I used to suffer from chronic headaches. At 26, my already frequent headaches became so serious that they practically turned into one major headache. For 4 and a half years, I had a headache every minute of my life (I am not joking). I used to take ibuprofen for it several times a day, often exceeding the maximum recommended … [Read more...]

Banana Ginger Smoothie To Help Burn Fat and Boost Your Weight Loss Potential

There are a lot of methods and programs out there claiming to help you melt fat and lose weight in ridiculously short amounts of time. Many of these methods include expensive supplements, excessive calorie counting and, in some cases, pills or techniques that may be harmful to your health in the long run. More and more people are realizing that short-term solutions are not … [Read more...]

Autistic boy learns to speak again after 2 days of cannabis oil treatment

Young Kalel Santiago faced some serious challenges in his early childhood.  At just 10 months, he experienced a rare kind of cancer called neuroblastoma.  For two years he endured radiation and chemotherapy as well as multiple surgeries; eventually he rid himself of the cancer but developed a strong case of autism. He was unable to speak.  “While he was in the hospital, we … [Read more...]

Cannabis oil cures three-year old boy of cancer after conventional cancer treatment failed!

Studies show that marijuana can be an effective treatment for glaucoma, can help reverse the negative affects of cigarettes, controls seizures, and even slows he progress of Alzheimer’s disease.(1) It is expected that California, Nevada and New York will legalize recreational marijuana use in 2016.  The latest Gallup, Pew Research, and General Social Survey have all shown … [Read more...]

Formaldehyde in GMOs – Another Unlisted Ingredient

By policy, the FDA considers GMO foods to be substantially equivalent to their non-genetically modified counterparts, and to be generally recognized as safe. GMOs do after all, look very similar to their conventional counterparts and they are grown under somewhat similar conditions. Under FDA guidelines, this leaves foods that are newly invented to be poorly tested, and the FDA … [Read more...]