In Flint, if you stop paying for toxic water you may lose your kids

The residents of Flint, Michigan, faced dumbfounding news when they were told by state government officials that if they shut off their water, poisoned by lead, they are no longer supplying "running water" for their children and could be charged with neglect, an offense that could spur social services to take the children from the home. It is dumbfounding because since 2014 … [Read more...]

Chinese restaurants found lacing their food with morphine to get customers addicted

Close to 35 restaurants in China have been found to be spiking their food with opiates, including morphine and codeine.  There is currently an investigation to find out exactly how these establishments have been doing it. Food that has been found to have been laced with opiates include noodles, hotpot and lobsters, according to local news, and 5 of the 35 restaurants under … [Read more...]

These Sister Act-ivists Grow Medical Marijuana, But Their Town Wants To Shut Them Down…

A “glitch" in California’s revision to its medicinal marijuana law could lead established growers like “Sisters of the Valley” without a crop. Sister Kate and Sister Darcy are on a mission to share the healing benefits of cannabis with the world – that is if their business doesn’t get shut down first. Reports Reuters, the non-religious – but spiritual – sisters have … [Read more...]

Homemade Syrup That Cures Cough & Ejects Phlegm From The Lungs Of Children & Adults

Carrots are one of the healthiest vegetables – and they’re a great source of vitamin A & carotene which are important for the health of your eyes. Carrot is rich in alkaline elements which purify and revitalize the blood. They nourish the entire system and help in the maintenance of acid-alkaline balance in the body. The carrot also has a reputation as a vegetable that … [Read more...]

Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – This Is How To Prepare It !?

What is Alkaline Water? The pH, or potential hydrogen, scale runs from zero to fourteen, with 7 as the neutral middle. An acid is a substance with a pH of less than 7. A basic or alkaline substance has a pH of greater than 7. Your Tap water is generally a mixture of chlorine, anti-biotics, hormones and other metals that will go straight into your system. Impure water can … [Read more...]

Soothe Sore Muscles With THIS Homemade Muscle Rub

I THOUGHT I knew what sore muscles were. As a person who has enjoyed lifting weights, I am well aware of how painful it can be to try and sit down after a tough leg workout. However, the side effects from a hard workout are expected. It wasn’t until I started backpacking and traveling in Europe that I developed an ongoing battle with strange aches, pains and sore muscles. … [Read more...]

How to Make Magnesium Oil and Cure Your Magnesium Deficiency Once And For All

Many people are still not understanding the importance of magnesium in the same way they are considering iron or calcium. There are many vital roles magnesium plays for the proper functions in the body: It is a key mineral for the relaxation of muscles; It is required for maintaining blood sugar level; It is vital for cardiovascular health; It is necessary for a … [Read more...]

Dasani Bottled Water Has 4 Ingredients: Tap Water, Known Teratogen, Lethal Drug, and Salt

Dasani bottled water contains four ingredients: tap water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. The Dasani label claims these ingredients are added for taste, and while that may be true, these ingredients change a lot more than taste. Do you know what’s really in your bottled water?  Dasani Ingredient #1: Tap Water. It’s no secret that Dasani, which is owned by … [Read more...]

Shocking emails confirm Monsanto has been paying scientists to promote GMOs

After a Freedom of Information Act request in early 2015, several scientists involved with pro-GMO campaigns had their emails turned over as there was believed collusion between them and big agri-chemical companies like Monsanto and Dow they were promoting. The request was made by US Right to Know, a nonprofit dedicated to exposing the "failures of the corporate food … [Read more...]

Your Lifestyle Causes Cancer NOT Your Genetics. (and Natural Treatments for Cancer)

Is cancer inherent cell mutations or is cancer caused by environmental and external factors..? That apparently is debatable, as most things in life are. According to a recently published study in Nature, it is believed that diet, drinking, smoking, excessive sun and exposure to toxic chemicals cause cancer. This would mean, we are able to lower our risks of developing cancer … [Read more...]