Congress Passes Bill Repealing Country-Of-Origin Meat Labeling Rule

It’s every consumer for him/herself, apparently. On Friday, Congress passed a spending bill repealing the country-of-origin (COOL) regulation which lets consumers know where the meat they’re purchasing is sourced from. The decision follows a ruling from the World Trade Organization (WTO) that determines labels to “discriminate against meat raised and slaughtered outside of … [Read more...]

Still Believe Nature Got It Wrong? Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana

Written by True Activist There is no plant on Earth more condemned than marijuana. We’re talking about a living organism which governments have taken upon themselves to designate as an illegal substance. Despite no existing evidence of anyone ever dying of a marijuana overdose, possession of this plant is still illegal in many parts. Marijuana has been found to suppress … [Read more...]

Legal hemp production is revitalizing the global economy after 80 year prohibition

Hemp is one of the most desirable, industrial plants on the planet.  From its tensile strength, to its hardiness, the plant can grow almost anywhere and requires half the water that wheat would require.  Its seeds are an incredibly healthy food and the herb, itself, is used as one of the greatest medicines on the planet. Before the media-manipulated hemp prohibition of 1937, … [Read more...]

These Baked Parmesan Tomatoes Are a Quick and Easy Healthy Side Dish

This cheesy, baked Parmesan tomatoes recipe is great for fresh tomatoes. This baked tomato recipe is an easy appetizer or healthy side dish. These baked tomatoes take just 15 minutes. Simply top cut tomatoes with Parmesan, oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil and bake. Did you know that tomatoes are some of the best foods to eat to fight cancer. They contain a phytonutrient … [Read more...]

Grandparents who Babysit Are Less Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s

There’s nothing like grandchildren to keep older adults joyful and active. A recent study shows that spending a moderate amount of time with grandkids may actually prevent Alzheimer’s disease by increasing brain function and memory. In addition to boosting brain power, babysitting has been linked to decreased rates of depression. Learn more about the correlation between … [Read more...]

Frankincense Essential Oil Suppresses Multiple Cancers

Frankincense Essential Oil Suppresses Multiple Cancers: Previous research has shown the essential oils of both frankincense and myrrh to potently suppress growth of human breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer cells. But in this new study, further refined extracts of frankincense essential oils were found to be much more potent, killing up to … [Read more...]

New Study Shows Garlic Kills 85% of Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro

Garlic Kills 85% of Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro: In this new study, diallyl trisulfide, an extract of garlic, was shown to kills triple-negative breast cancer cells by up to 85% and also to suppress their ability to spread by up to 84%. Researchers discovered that this garlic compound accomplished this by disrupting the cancer cell’s ability to manufacture key proteins and … [Read more...]

Study Shows IV Vitamin C Puts Metastatic Liver Cancer into Remission

IV Vitamin C Puts Metastatic Liver Cancer into Remission: In this remarkable new case study from Korea, intravenous vitamin C at a dose of 70 grams per infusion (given two times weekly) has apparently cured an elderly woman of her liver cancer. The 74 year old woman had primary liver cancer (HCC) which had metastasized to her lungs and lymph nodes and was not being helped with … [Read more...]

Is your deodorant drugging you through your armpits daily with this neurotoxin?

As the temperature rises in the body, thousands of sweat glands begin to bead up, preparing to cool the body down. The average person possesses about 2.6 millions sweat glands -- a built in thermostat. This system is made up of eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are the most numerous, harbored in places like the forehead, hands, and feet. These glands are … [Read more...]

Tylenol can kill you; warning admits popular painkiller causes liver damage, death

It has been a common household name in over-the-counter pain relief for more than 50 years. But the popular painkiller drug Tylenol is getting a major labeling makeover following a string of personal injury lawsuits. According to the Associated Press (AP), so many Tylenol users these days are suffering major liver damage or dying that the drug's manufacturer, McNeil Consumer … [Read more...]