Soda industry dying as Americans seek healthy beverages that don’t cause diabetes, obesity

Americans are finally waking up to the fact that drinking soda is an unhealthy practice. Sales of sugary, carbonated drinks have fallen dramatically in recent years, sending the soda industry into a panic. It may be bad news for Big Soda, but it's good news for the rest of the populace. Sodas have long been one of the main contributors to obesity among Americans and to … [Read more...]

Wave of homeschooling sweeps California because of Vaccine Laws

California Governor Jerry Brown has reportedly signed into law the contentious Senate Bill 277, which eliminates the freedom of California parents to opt their children out of vaccinations for personal reasons. All school-age children without an approved medical exemption will now be forced to get vaccinated in order to attend public or private school, a tyrannous mandate that … [Read more...]

Over 92% of antidepressants do not relieve symptoms

According to a study that is being referred to as one of the most comprehensive comparisons of commonly prescribed antidepressants so far, most of these drugs are ineffective and some might even be unsafe for children and teens who are suffering from major depression. The study, which was published in The Lancet, found that out of 14 antidepressants, the only one that worked … [Read more...]

Top government scientists refuse to vaccinate their children

How shocking is it that New Mexico, the school district with the highest percentage of students whose families are opting out of vaccines , is actually one of the state’s most scientifically literate communities? Well, if you know how harmful vaccines really are, you might not really be all that surprised. But for many, the 2.3 percent of students forgoing traditional … [Read more...]

Here’s What Will Happen To Your Body When You Add Turmeric To Your Morning Lemon Water

Starting your day with lukewarm lemon water is one of the best things you can do for your body. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, B, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, enzymes, antioxidants, and fibers. Next to adding a host of healthy nutrients, it also kick-starts digestion, boosts the immune system, fights inflammation, and hydrates and energizes the body. For more … [Read more...]

First long-term study confirms world’s most popular pesticides are wiping bees off the planet

The 2006 bee die off, known as colony collapse disorder, gained global attention when bees around the country (and the world) began coming down with signs of insecticide poisoning, from tremors and uncoordinated movement to convulsions and death. The pesticides in question, known as neonicatinoid pesticides, were hurried through the US regulatory agencies, but the beeks kept … [Read more...]

30 Infant Formulas Contaminated With High Levels of Aluminum

Researchers in a new study have discovered that infant formulas continue to be contaminated with high levels of aluminum following  a 2010 study that showed similar results. Prof. Exley, the lead researcher in the 2010 study at Keele University, has again shown that leading brands of infant formula continue to show high levels of aluminum in spite of previous warnings. This … [Read more...]

Research continues to confirm that high doses of vitamin C injections destroy cancer, but don’t expect to hear that from Big Pharma

Medical research continues to confirm the cancer-fighting effects of vitamin C. According to a new study published in Science, high doses of vitamin C were able to destroy human colorectal cancers cells harboring specific genetic mutations that are present in half of these cancers. The researchers used a cell culture and previous experiments in mice to investigate the … [Read more...]

Marijuana is less dangerous than sugar, alcohol and tobacco

Three substances far more dangerous than marijuana are readily available at your nearest convenience store. Tobacco, alcohol and sugar are all substances that are more addictive than pot, and they’re more likely to make you sick too. Polling conducted by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal  in 2014, revealed that more and more people are starting to agree that pot is safer … [Read more...]