Doctors: STOP Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

Processed meats no doubt contribute to a large number of childhood cancers. According to the National Cancer Institute, over 1,500 children die each year in the United States from childhood cancer (…). According to a L.A. Times article: Children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month have nine times the normal risk of … [Read more...]

Hacker group creates $30 DIY Epipen to expose corporate greed and save lives

In response to the corporate insanity surrounding Epipen (company Mylan purchased the rights to Epipen in 2007 and raised the prices from  $57 to $318), medical hacking collective, Four Thieves Vinegar, has established a DIY version of the life-saving injector for $30. The epipen works by spring load injecting epinephrine into someone that is suffering from anaphylactic … [Read more...]

Two States Declare Emergency After Massive Pipeline Spill

Over a quarter million gallons of gasoline have spilled in shelby County, Alabama after a major fuel pipeline ruptured this week. National cable news networks have ignored this story because of the ongoing fight against the the Dakota Access Pipeline. The fuel line that carries refined gasoline from Houston to the East Coast has leaked roughly 6,000 barrels of gasoline since … [Read more...]

Why the Amish Rarely Get Sick or get Cancer: Things You Can Learn From Them

When we think of Amish people we think of a simple life, free of modern advancements. Most of us view them as foolish for not using the advantages of convenient technology and even look down on them for not conforming to the norms of mainstream society.  But if we look at the statistics, the Amish are much healthier than the rest of America. They virtually have no cancer, no … [Read more...]

Pediasure and Ensure – processed ‘junk nutrition’ for children, the hospitalized and the elderly

Did you know that hospitals serve artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and they serve genetically modified food like corn oil, canola oil and soybean oil in their cafeterias and recovery rooms, all across our great nation? Can you imagine eating pesticides and insecticides while trying to recover from surgery or sickness in the hospital? Do doctors know? Did you just have a … [Read more...]

Chamomile essential oil shown to kill up to 93 percent of breast cancer cells

They've gained considerable notoriety in recent years for their myriad uses in both aromatherapy and integrative medicine. But did you know that essential oils can also be an effective anti-cancer remedy? Chinese researchers learned this after studying the healing properties of 10 of the most popular essential oils in current use: mint, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, … [Read more...]

GM soy kills baby rats in just three weeks, study reveals

The best food on store shelves to buy is that food which DOES have holes and nicks where the insects ate some. That proves it's edible. Recent documentaries show entire fields of genetically modified corn that all looks plastic, with not a bug or bird in sight, not a butterfly or a gnat or a fly, but why? Did you know that a diet containing GM soy and maize fed to rats for just … [Read more...]

Most honey contains glyphosates, the main ingredient in Roundup

A recent study by researchers from Boston University and Abraxis LLC found significant amounts of glyphosates in a food that you wouldn't necessarily expect: honey. Five categories of food items were tested from Philadelphia grocery stores: honey, corn and pancake syrup, soy milk, tofu, and soy sauce. Sixty-two percent of the conventional honeys and 45% of the organic honeys … [Read more...]

Science links new autoimmune disease to aluminum adjuvants in vaccines

A recent symposium on autoimmune disease that took place in France has brought to the world's attention a new disorder linked to the aluminum-based chemical adjuvants added to many childhood vaccines. Known as Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA, the novel disease includes a wide range of neurological and immune-associated effects, including chronic … [Read more...]