Patent confirms that aspartame is the excrement of GM bacteria

In 1999, The Independent published an article entitled "World's top sweetener is made with GM bacteria," which revealed that Monsanto was knowingly adding aspartame to soft drinks in the United States - and that aspartame is made from GM bacteria. This report, which remains one of the earliest disclosures on aspartame in a mainstream newspaper, received little attention after … [Read more...]

Is your deodorant drugging you through the armpits daily with this neurotoxin?

As the temperature rises in the body, thousands of sweat glands begin to bead up, preparing to cool the body down. The average person possesses about 2.6 millions sweat glands -- a built in thermostat. This system is made up of eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are the most numerous, harbored in places like the forehead, hands, and feet. These glands are … [Read more...]

Pharmaceutical painkiller deaths drop 25% in states with medical marijuana according to study

Groundbreaking research published in the respected journal JAMA Internal Medicine has revealed new benefits to the denouement of marijuana prohibition throughout the U.S. It turns out that states where medical cannabis use is no longer a criminal offense are reporting substantially fewer deaths associated with pharmaceutical painkiller use, suggesting that more people in … [Read more...]

Sedgwick, Maine is first town to declare total food sovereignty, opposing state and federal laws

There is a food revolution taking hold all over America, whether it is in the form of demanding labeling of GM foods, the right to produce and sell raw milk and other commodities, or - in the case of Sedgwick, Maine - declaring all local food transactions of any kind free and legal. According to the website, Sedgwick is the first city in the U.S. to free … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Fooled by Smartwater. There is Nothing Smart About It

Most of us don’t usually pay for something you can get for free. But yet many of us willingly pay a few dollars for a bottle of water. We may just be victims of the marketing machine that has turned into a $100 billion dollar industry. However, bottled water isn’t the fancy water you’ve been led to believe. In fact,  40 percent of bottled water is actually regular tap water.  … [Read more...]

Morgan Freeman Converted His 124 Acre Ranch Into A Bee Sanctuary To Help Save The Bees

by True Activist He is not just talking the talk either, he is also walking the walk. Have you ever wonder what dinner would look like if bees – one of nature’s most miraculous and necessary insects – became extinct due to mankind’s unsustainable habits? Bees are responsible for pollinating a number of plants which often make their way to the dinner table. So if they were … [Read more...]

America’s Wild Bee Populations Are Dwindling at Alarming Rates

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — “It’s clear that pollinators are in trouble,” cautioned Taylor Ricketts, lead author of a study mapping the decline in pollinator populations by researchers with the University of Vermont, published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Despite Ricketts’ rather restrained statement, the study’s findings clearly indicate the … [Read more...]