How to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month by Adding This to Your Morning Coffee

If you love drinking coffee in the morning and you happen to be trying to lose a few extra pounds, you’re in luck. Adding just a few simple ingredients into your coffee can help accelerate your metabolism. Naturally our bodies are more insulin resistant in the morning, partly due to a rise in cortisol upon waking. That means our bodies aren’t very efficient at metabolizing … [Read more...]

Coconut oil can prevent tooth decay better than toxic fluoride

Researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) in Ireland have discovered that coconut oil effectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause cavities and mouth infections, without any harmful side effects. The team added enzymes to coconut and several other oils to mimic how these oils would normally be processed during digestion. They then … [Read more...]

Putin says Russia will supply the world with organic food

In an address to Russian Parliament in early December, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is capable of becoming food independent by 2020, noting that the county made almost $20 billion in revenue from food exports in 2014. His goal: to supply the world with healthy, organic food.  “We are not only able to feed ourselves taking into account our lands, … [Read more...]

The New Cannabis Capsule Is So Powerful It Can Replace Any Pain Killer

If you know any female cannabis users, you may have heard that it can be very effective at relieving menstrual cramps. Now, a company called Foria Relief has created a vaginal suppository that could replace ibuprofen, Midol or Vicodin. It’s even made with an aromatic cocoa butter base. “FORIA Relief has been carefully crafted using a delivery system intended to maximize the … [Read more...]

Panera removes over 150 unhealthy chemicals from its food

Panera Bread is performing an overhaul of its menu.  Last year, the company removed a bunch of items from their restaurant's profile, dubbing the banned list of foods the no-no-list. Ranging from aspartame to sodium benzoate, the company removed over 150 dangerous chemicals from their foods.  The CEO, Ron Shaich, is taking the company in a new direction regarding children's … [Read more...]

California breaks record and creates solar power for 6 million homes in one day

Last Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that California produced electricity for 6 million homes with its solar power. The record-breaking number is nearly twice that of what it produced two years ago and is only counting the electricity produced at power plants, not on individual houses.  The rooftops are reported to produce another 50% of that number on top of … [Read more...]

Neighborhoods around the US are creating pantries for anyone to take food when they need it

The Little Free Pantry is a project developed by Arkansas native Jessica McClard that aims to provide 24/7 access to food for anybody in the community. It's a local cupboard that anyone can stock.  “On the last day of school, I put some bubbles and jump ropes, and sidewalk chalk, and balloons in the pantry. I had to encourage the parents to send their kids there … [Read more...]

Lead Contamination In Water Affects Over 18 Million People

After the Flint Water Crisis began in April of 2014, the result of aging pipes leaking lead and heavy metals into the water supply, a major investigation was set in motion to test contaminated water sources all over the US. A report released yesterday by the Natural Resources Defense Council addressed the shortcomings in the Safe Drinking Water Act and the issues under the Lead … [Read more...]

In L.A., Now You Can Use City Land For A Free Vegetable Garden

When Ron Finley received an arrest warrent for planting vegetables in front of his house, he decided to take a stand.  A member of his gardening group, Green Grounds, started a petition and gathered the community to take action.  The Los Angeles Times picked up the story and then he started to get global attention. The city council also took notice and the warrent was … [Read more...]

Yarrow herb is stronger than DEET at repelling mosquitos and ticks, and it’s completely non-toxic

We're approaching summer bug season in many parts of the northern hemisphere, which in addition to sun and fun means lots of smelly insect repellant wafting through the air. The standard chemical ingredient in many conventional bug sprays is DEET, a neurotoxic chemical that, although it seems to work against annoying critters, is also working against you and your family's … [Read more...]