Congress decides GMO salmon will be labeled


The US congress has finalized a $1.1 trillion spending bill that will force the FDA to finalize the guidelines to label the genetically modified salmon introduced earlier in the year.

Advocates have strongly petitioned congress to force transparency regarding the sale and distribution of the GMO and congress responded by ordering the FDA to use $150,000 of its funding to develop these guidelines and implement a program to keep people in the know about whether their food has had its genes altered in a lab.

The FDA, earlier, said the salmon, called AquAdvantage salmon, had no biologically relevant differences to natural salmon when discussing the nutritional profile.  People balked at this claim and lawmakers have taken action.

“The FDA’s genetically engineered salmon decision is bad for consumers and potentially bad for our environment,” said senator Maria Cantwell.  “If the FDA doesn’t reverse its decision, it’s critical the agency develop clear and transparent labeling requirements for genetically engineered salmon.”

The biotech industry’s connection with the people currently running the FDA is well known and the fast track of genetically modified foods to market without labels has left a lot of people pissed off.  This is a good sign that the people are making use of their power and bringing labeling to as accurate position as possible.  The attempts to hide whether food is modified is faltering.

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