Homemade Cough Remedy


At least once a year I spend a week sick with a bad cold, and something like this homemade remedy would have come in really handy to soothe my throat and cough. Most commercial cough drops are made with unfavorable ingredients such as natural flavors, colorings and additives. These cough drops have only a few simple ingredients: organic raw sugar, water, lemon, honey, ginger and cloves.  You can easily whip them up and add ’em to your cold survival arsenal!

My recommendation is skip the sugar and try this recipe!

Natural Cough Drops


2 1/2 – Cups filtered water
2 – Cups of Organic Honey
Ginger and cloves a instructed in the video below.

I hope you enjoy the video tutorial and find this cough remedy helpful to ease your discomfort!

H/T: Metaspoon.com