How Monsanto Took Control of Our Food System


“Founded over 100 years ago, they came up with the brilliant idea of genetically engineering seeds so that they could withstand increased applications of their chemicals, mainly Roundup.  Beginning in the 1990s, Monsanto introduced a new product: Roundup Ready seeds, specially designed and genetically engineered for Roundup. They patented the invention, tried pushing it on the rest of the world, but the world pushed back, either banning these new products or labeling them.

In the U.S., however, it was a different story.  In the last twenty years, this company has taken over our food supply without many of us even realizing it. ” (1) Read More…

“While Monsanto finds itself in the midst of a handful of current controversies, many people remain unfamiliar with the company’s origins and its history. The corporate behemoth has been around for more than a century and has played a hand in several controversial dealings, including the development of the atomic bomb, DDT and Agent Orange.” (1)

For an explanation of how Monsanto controls so much of our food supply, check out this infographic: