Lines Out the Door for Nation’s First Organic Drive-Thru Restaurant


Breaking the belief that fast food restaurants have to be unhealthy, Amy’s Organic Drive-Thru restaurant opened to lines out the door and 20 minute waits.  Members of central California have flocked to Rohnert Park to sample the vegan macaroni and cheese, margherita pizzas and so much more.

By growing the produce on the roof and maintaining a strictly vegetarian menu, Amy’s is able to cut costs of import and guarantee the food being served is of the highest quality.  It seems that, quickly, society has woken up to the value of eating healthy.


According to a local news channel, after 5 days of opening the restaurant can “barely keep up with the demand.”  But it’s not a problem; “it’s given us a lot of hope that this is a concept that works,” says general manager Paul Schiefer.

Amy’s is an independently owned organic frozen food company that made its name selling a multitude of healthy options to grocery stores around the country.  The step toward fast food is something the industry seems to have been waiting for.  As long as demand continues at the current location, they will be opening more restaurants around the Bay area.

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