Super Easy Coconut Oil Fudge


Four ingredients, a one-step recipe and just one hour refrigeration time…this has got to be the easiest coconut oil fudge recipe you’ll ever make!

The combination of chocolate and coconut is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone, plus coconut oil has plenty of health benefits so getting to eat it in the form of this yummy treat makes it taste even sweeter!

Check out these benefits:

Boosts the metabolism – helps to regulate weight

When we talk about saturated fats, we’re usually talking (mostly unknowingly) about LCFAs (Long Chain Fatty Acids). But coconut oil is unique due to the fact that the fat it contains is MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acid), and this MCFA is much easier for our bodies to digest, break down and absorb; in fact it is absorbed almost immediately.  This means that it gives an almost immediate boost to energy and endurance (which is why so many athletes use it), and this increased energy also serves to speed up your metabolic rate too. The more efficient your metabolism; the faster it works, and the more fat you will burn off; and although many people are not aware of this – your body needs a certain amount of good fat to be able to burn off bad fat.

An aid to your immune system

Coconut oil is a rich source of a particular type of fatty acid called Lauric acid. Again, this is an MCFA, but when the body metabolizes it, it turns it into a substance known as monolaurin. This is a potent germ and fungal killing agent, and thus helps to enhance the effectiveness of your immune system.

Some of the viruses that monolaurin can counteract are low grade infections that are there in the background nibbling away at your energy levels and flaring up when your get over-stressed or run down. Monolaurin helps your immune system to get rid of these pesky viruses once and for all.

As a wholly natural ingredient, it’s also a part of mom’s milk, helping to protect baby from unwanted infections too.

A treatment for Candida overgrowth

Another of coconuts oil’s great health benefits is that it can be used to treat Candida overgrowth. It contains a MCFA called caprin acid which the body converts into a powerful antimicrobial agent known as monocaprin. Monocaprin also has strong anti-viral and anti-fungal properties too, and has been found to be effective in killing the yeast that causes Candida overgrowth.

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