18 DIY Tips for a Healthier Home


Green cleaning is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DIY tips that save money and make your home healthier for your and your family.

The list below has lots of green cleaning recipes, sure, but there are also a ton of cool DIY tips to make your house more energy efficient to lower your bills. The best part about improving energy efficiency is that you don’t just reduce your power and gas bill. You reduce the amount of polluting coal and natural gas it takes to power your home. Boom! Pow!

1. Make your own drain cleaner. Commercial drain cleaners are bad news, but you can whip up your own homemade drain cleaner with three ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

2. Infuse some vinegar. Nope, we’re not making a fancy salad. This infused vinegar works in any vinegar cleaning recipe, but it leaves a nice scent behind rather than the stereotypical vinegar smell that you probably associate with homemade green cleaners. Use it in any of the vinegar cleaning recipes on this list!

3. De-stink that fridge. Step away from the super toxic Febreze, y’all. Try these five natural remedies for a stinky fridge instead.

4. Make your own spray starch. Whether you’re pressing clothes from the wash or pressing fabric for a sewing project, spray starch is like magic for getting out annoying wrinkles. This homemade spray starch doesn’t have any toxic ingredients, and it costs less than the store-bought alternative.

5. Clean almost anything. All-purpose cleaner is great for everything from counters and tile to mirrors and windows. And this recipe only contains two ingredients!

6. Make your own cleaning wipes. Those Clorox wipes are packed with chemicals, and you create paper and plastic trash when you use them. Try our tutorial for making reusable cleaning wipes that create less waste and cost less money. All of the things!

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