5 Outstanding Benefits Of Walking


Walking is one of those exercises that we can all do and it’s easy. Take advantage of this and try and walk as much as you can.

1. Good For Your Heart

Walking has been found to lower the chances of stroke and heart disease. This is because it reduces the production of bad cholesterol and enhances the production of healthy cholesterol within your body.  This allows your body to keep the bad cholesterol levels stabilized, so that you are no longer at risk.

2. Good for Balancing Weight

Walking keeps your weight in check and is an easy way to regulate calories in the case of wanting to lose weight. Those who would like to lose weight, this is the easiest way of doing so. By walking you are naturally losing calories. How much depends on your stride and pace. Walking also builds muscle mass and the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism, which will allow you to shed pounds even quicker.

3. Boosts Your Vitamin D Levels

If you like to walk outdoors you are being exposed to the most natural vitamin D source, the sun. Vitamin D is a hard nutrient to come by through foods but if you walk regularly outdoors you are naturally giving your body the vitamin D it needs to support immunity and bone health

4. Great Energy Boost

Do you need a wake up call for some stiff joints? Go for a nice brisk walk. It is the best remedy for easing muscle tension. It is also an excellent energy boost. How? It boosts your oxygen intake and circulation to every cell in your body helping you feel more alive. So whenever you’re feeling sluggish, a 15 minute walk might be all you need.

5. It Makes You Happy

Walking as an antidepressant? Yes, studies have shown that this mild active exercise can be effective as an antidepressant for moderate depression. Exercising and being in a better mood go hand in hand. The endorphins released while working out or simply walking will reduce stress and anxiety. Getting up and getting your body moving is the most natural way to get yourself out of a sour mood.

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