Apple Extract Suppresses Allergies in Clinical Trials


Apple Extract Suppresses Allergies in Clinical Trials: Polyphenols extracted from apples were shown to relieve allergy symptoms in two separate clinical trials in Japan. In one trial against dust allergies, a 50 mg dose provided significant relief from sneezing attacks, while 200 mg provided relief also from nasal discharge. Another trial showed that 500 mg of the natural polyphenols relieved symptoms (stuffy nose and sneezing) of cedar pollen allergy. This makes apple polyphenols one of the very few natural compounds proven to relieve allergies in proper clinical trials, and therefore worth trying for relief from seasonal allergies. But how? The people in these trials were using a Japanese product called Applephenon, which is just now being introduced to the European and American markets. A similar product called AppleWise is being sold by Life Extension. However, do note that one large apple has an average of 86 mg of polyphenols (mostly in the skin!), so eating 1-2 apples daily may provide some real relief. Apple polyphenols have shown numerous other benefits including lowering cholesterol, reducing body fat, controlling appetite and aiding weight reduction. And a recent study found that eating one apple daily significantly reduced the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and throat cancer.

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