Everything Is Organic & Non-GMO In Peru And Food Prices Are Insanely Cheap. This Is How.


The argument that we need GMO to feed the world is collapsing more and more every moment. In fact, the UN released a report from experts claiming small-scale organic is required to solve the hunger problem. This video and article provides first hand accounts by Victoria Lugovskaya where she says, “Fresh organic produce in Lima is more accessible and affordable than one imagines. At the Bioferia in Miraflores, organic doesn’t always mean expensive, and the lively, secure atmosphere of the market makes your visit a pleasant experience.”


“Are these potatoes organic?” asks an occasional first-time visitor.

“Everything is organic,” explains the vendor patiently.

This is proof that organic food can thrive and be affordable in places like Peru which don’t allow GMO at all.

A close friend of mine from Peru, Carolina Arévalo, told me that organic food is the same price as conventional food in the US. “Let people know that when buying food (anywhere in the world) they can search for Peruvian grown and it’s organic even though it doesn’t have the label,” she says.  This is an awesome way to save money and maintain food quality. It all comes down to supply, demand and overall health/sustainability of farmland. Commitment to organic farming on a national scale keeps the land fertile, non-contaminated and allows prices to come down with abundant supply.

While genetic modification may not be inherently ‘negative’, the reality is that we NEED 100% labeling and transparency about the specific processes that are occurring and being distributed through the genetics of Earth no matter what. Additionally, bio-pesticides and other harsh chemicals are damaging bee populations and other species in the food chain for generations. There are extensive studies on this. I can no longer count the number of peer-reviewed papers showing evidence for massive, full-spectrum benefit to organic food.

The debate about this issue has reached levels of total immaturity in recent months and years. It is clear that throughout history various forms of ‘genetic modification’ have been crucial in the evolution of agriculture.  Cynics and many establishment news networks will accuse organizations like March Against Monsanto of being naive for completely trying to discredit genetic engineering, but those cynics are completely missing the point.

Dear cynical GMO supporters, are you not in favor of labeling? Why? How could you possibly not be? Do you not want food to be exhaustively tested before spreading into global ecology forever?

What we are fighting for is transparency so that humans can make educated decisions for themselves at the market and see what is in their food. GMO should only be unleashed into the biosphere after extensive research and testing that goes way beyond the FDA which has an obvious corrupt revolving door with top chemical and GMO corporations. Open ethical organic and GMO guidelines on a planetary level are beginning to emerge. The good news is that countries like Peru are holding strong and setting an awesome example for the world.





Article originally published on Minds.com an open source blog