Neighborhoods around the US are creating pantries for anyone to take food when they need it

1470070994The Little Free Pantry is a project developed by Arkansas native Jessica McClard that aims to provide 24/7 access to food for anybody in the community.




It’s a local cupboard that anyone can stock.  “On the last day of school, I put some bubbles and jump ropes, and sidewalk chalk, and balloons in the pantry. I had to encourage the parents to send their kids there because they didn’t think it was for them,” said McClard.The project is catching on.  People around the country have picked up the practice and begun local storages of their own.



“How I’d love to have it function is that it would not necessarily be a place for people who are really in need, but just for anyone,” said McClard.

The communities seem to be rallying behind the idea.

Article originally published on n open source blog