This Post Will Make You Stop Drinking Soda Instantly


Think that daily can of soda is something you’re sneaking into your diet? Your mouth knows what’s it drinking. And even though your body craves it, your insides beg to differ.

Of course, it’s hard to actually hear your gut begging for mercy, especially when your brain full of cravings and tastebuds full of desire are the entire trumpet section. It’s easy to ignore the signs. It’s easy to ignore the return of your teenage acne. It’s easy to wonder if your weight gain is a result of simply forgetting the gym for a month straight. And it might be. Bodies are, after all, very complicated.

As miraculously complex as the human body is, there are a few basic truths about the way it ticks. And one of those truths is: soda isn’t good for the body. Even just one can a day can affect everything from your bones to your butt size.

So, sit back, crack open a sparkly water, and sip your way through these eleven soda facts that’ll have you glad you’ve decided to kick that 20-oz fountain soda habit.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your primary health physician for further advice.

1. Soda can give you kidney stones.

Kidney stones are painful…like as painful or more painful than giving birth, if you can even fathom that. Only thing? No cute baby to nuzzle when it’s all over. This study has found a serious link between soda consumption and kidney stones. (Do you really want another reason to pull out the Lamaze breathing?

2. Soda makes Type-2 Diabetes More Likely.

The possibility of getting a disease simply from drinking soda is gross. Even worse? Studies indicate drinking just one soda per day will boost your Type 2 Diabetes risk by 25 percent. Check out this study and toss that aluminum can, stat.

3. Soda Steals Your Extra Cash.

If a bottle of soda costs $1.49 each, you’ll be blowing through $543.85 a year. That’s enough to fly to Barbados, Aruba, or Costa Rica. Take your pick.

4. Soda can cause infertility.

Soda cans have BPA in them. Here’s BPA in a nutshell. Technically called “Bisphenol A”, BPA is a chemical linked to potential reproductive problems. When you purchase soda pop in an aluminum can, the can liner contains BPA, which can then leak into the soda. Yuck.

5. Soda makes you fat.

One soda a day equals 35 pounds of sugar in your gut. That’s 15 extra pounds of fat per YEAR. Diet soda has been linked to weight gain, too. Read ‘em and believe ‘em.

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Love the idea of your teeth dissolving? Us neither. It may sound like the stuff of yesteryear, but soda is linked to drug-addict-like dental decay issues (cavities aren’t even the half of it) and can likely dissolve your tooth enamel. Do that million-dollar smile a favor and cut the sugary soda. It’s awful for your teeth.

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