See What 1 Tablespoon Of ACV Does To Your Weight, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Levels


Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural remedy for a long list of things including lowering cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, and helping a person lose weight.

What type of ACV should I use?

Organic apple cider vinegar should always be chosen because it is unpasteurized and unprocessed. It is different than that you will find in most stores. In order to tell if you’re getting a good AVC, you can look for the cloudy matter that is supposed to float or sink to the bottom of the bottle. This matter is full of nutrients this is part of why the ACV is so good for you. If you wanted to take the time, you could even make your own Apple Cider vinegar. For more info on how to make your own ACV click here.

How does ACV lower my cholesterol?

Cholesterol is not an altogether bad thing as we have been led to believe, this wax-like substance helps our bodies produce cells in a healthy manner. When we allow our cholesterol to build up is when it becomes a problem. ACV can help control cholesterol levels and ensure they stay at a healthy level. This relies on the ACV’s concentration of pectin, it attracts bad cholesterol and gets rid of it making one more healthy.

How does ACV lower my blood sugar levels?

The vinegar enters one ‘s system and slows down the digestion of starches. It also helps people with diabetes control their glucose and insulin responses.

How can ACV help me lose weight?

Apple cider vinegar slows down the digestion of starches making the breakdown of calories in the blood less of a burden on your body. Pectin can also help one to feel fuller for longer amounts of time. Ingesting ACV can help allow your body to digest protein more efficiently and establishes hormones that break down fat cells. While this isn’t going to make you a size smaller overnight, it will help you lose weight a whole lot easier.

ACV and one’s diet.

Ingesting two tablespoons a day mixed in a glass of water is a great place to start. You could even drink it with your meals or add a little ACV to your salad dressing. Consuming this in normal amounts is most likely very safe but try not to over use this, enormous amounts is not recommended. Consuming too much might lead to something like a potassium deficiency. This will have you healthier in no time at all, why not give it a try?


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